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Active Business Vocabulary

Guarantee of success in your business and career.

Active Business Vocabulary is the interactive business English vocabulary course for getting new skills and increasing the quality of
  • business letters
  • communication with foreign partners and colleagues
  • reading business books and magazines/journals/newspapers
  • paper work
  • work with clients and staff
  • selling and closing the accounts
  • using financial and marketing terms
  • business trips abroad.
Due to the special structure and the perfect material this course will help you to increase the level of you own business English vocabulary.

Who is this course for?

  • finance and IT specialists who want to extend the prospects of professional advancement
  • businessmen and employers whose work is concerned with the development of international partnership
  • students who get education in finance, management, marketing, business or administration science
  • international companies employees for increasing the efficacy in communication with foreign colleagues
  • temporarily unemployed persons who look for a chance of promising job

What is the method of this course?

The course is composed of 2 parts: essential vocabulary and basic expressions of Business English. This structure allows you to study faster and more efficiently. At first you learn words, and then you learn the expressions. Every word and expression is pronounced by native speakers. The interactive exercises which are used in this course are for affect on every types of memory: motor, visual and audio memory. This way guarantees your qualitative results in the shortest possible time.

What business topics does this course cover?

We offer you to study the most complete course of topical Business English.
Сommercial organization
Telephone conversations
Business trip
Company positions
As bonus you get two extra dictionaries: the dictionary with expressions used in business language and the dictionary of general abbreviations often used in business correspondence.

Why should I buy this course?

Active Business Vocabulary is the complete interactive business English vocabulary course for any English language perception.
Remember the words through Pictures.
Practice with Listening exercises.
Develop your Writing memory.
Only 540 RUB for subscription (12 months).
Language to learn English
Words to learn 300
Phrases to learn 400
Period 12 months
Price 540 RUB
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