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1Slider Learning
Learn the words using pictures, sounds and translations.
2Slider Reading
Read the word and choose correct picture.
3Slider Hearing
Hear the word and choose correct picture.
4Slider Writing
Look at the picture and write the correct word.
5Flash Cards
Read the word. Try to remember correct translation.
6Translation Variants
Choose correct translation from the list of variants.
7Words Variants
Choose correct words from the list of variants.
8Reverse Flash Cards
Read the translation. Try to remember correct word.
9Listening Variants
Hear the word and choose correct translation.
10Alphabet Soup
Try to assemble correct words from the set of letters.
11Write Translation By Word
Read the word and write its translation.
12Write Word By Translation
Write the word appropriate to the translation.
13Video Comprehension
Write correct word to complete video context.
14Video Mosaic
Watch video fragment and try to assemble it from the set of words.
15Video Quest
Find redundant words from the video fragment.
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