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Minilex and Miniphrase by E.V.Gunnemark

A quick start on the English language acquisition.

It is very important to acquire so-called "Minimum Active Vocabulary" of common words and phrases to start speaking English. What is included in this vocabulary?

Swedish linguist Erik V. Gunnemark, the founder of "The Association Amici Linguarum", answered this question in his book called "The Art and Science of Learning Languages". Having the experience in the learning of more than 45 languages, he determined that "Minimum Active Vocabulary" included 400-500 common words and about 150 basic phrases. This vocabulary is more than enough to start speaking English. E. V. Gunnemark compiled the list of these words and phrases and called them "Minilex" and "Miniphrase" respectively.

This course offers you to learn the "Minilex" and "Miniphrase" vocabularies by E. V. Gunnemark. Every word and expression is pronounced by native speakers. All the words in the course are illustrated with pictures to increase the effectiveness of learning process.

Who is this course for?

This course is best suited for beginners.

What is the method of this course?

The course consists of 2 parts: "Minilex" - most frequent English words, and "Miniphrase" - common phrases in English.

The learning process is based on 4 interactive exercises.

Learn the words using pictures, sounds and translations.
Read the word and choose correct picture.
Hear the word and choose correct picture.
Look at the picture and write the correct word.

Here is the course outline:

Minilex Actions part 1
Minilex Actions part 2
Minilex Actions part 3
Minilex Colors
Minilex Places and Directions
Minilex People part 1
Minilex People part 2
Minilex Time part 1
Minilex Time part 2
Senses and Feelings part1
Senses and Feelings part2
Minilex Objects part1
Minilex Objects part2
Minilex Objects part3
Minilex Everyday words part1
Minilex Everyday words part2
Minilex Everyday words part3
Minilex Everyday words part4
Minilex Everyday words part5
Miniphrase part 1
Miniphrase part 2
Miniphrase part 3
Miniphrase part 4
Miniphrase part 5
Language to learn English
Words to learn 425
Phrases to learn 130
Period 12 months
Price 540 RUB
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