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English Travel Course

Communication without borders.

It's not a secret that English is the most probable language to use during any foreign trip. It is widely used all over the Europe and almost the only way to communicate in Asian countries as some common English expressions are well-known everywhere.

After passing the Travel course, you will feel yourself comfortable in every situation: while being in the airport, renting a car, checking in a hotel, and ordering food in a restaurant.

What is the method of this course?

The course consists of 2 parts: basic words and common phrases with the same words, which makes the learning process more intensive. All the words and phrases are pronounced by native speakers.

The learning process is based on 4 interactive exercises.

Learn the words using pictures, sounds and translations.
Read the word and choose correct picture.
Hear the word and choose correct picture.
Look at the picture and write the correct word.

Here is the course outline:

Personal care products
Travel by car
Travel by plane
Travel by train
and more...

Why should I buy this course?

By surrounding you with words, images and the voices of native speakers, the course helps you to enrich your active vocabulary effectively.
Remember the words through Pictures.
Practice with Listening exercises.
Develop your Writing memory.
Only 540 RUB for subscription (12 months).
Language to learn English
Words to learn 300
Phrases to learn 240
Period 12 months
Price 540 RUB
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