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2000-5000 Most Frequent English Words

Easy reading and conversation skills

This course is a sequential part of the TOP 5000 most frequent English words which covers 97% of the words used in everyday life. According to the linguistic research, the remaining 3% of the words could be easily comprehended by the context of the dialogue or text. Therefore it is a great opportunity to start speaking English fluently and develop strong reading skills. The course includes effective exercises, spaced repetition algorithm and pronunciations recorded by native speakers. All these features help the learners acquire basic English vocabulary in a short period of time.

Who is this course for?

The course is suited for the intermediate level learners and those who understand much of the 2000 most frequent English words.

What is the method of this course?

All the words in the course are grouped by sets, each set containing 100 words. The sets are sorted by increasing complexity. While learning each set of words, you can track your progress and use build-in spaced repetition technology which helps you to remember words for a long period of time. By completing the course, you will aquire about 97% of all English words used in everyday life.

Why should I buy this course?

Afret the course you will:
  • clearly understand English speech,
  • watch movies and TV shows with no subtitles,
  • speak English fluently,
  • easily read newspapers, magazines and most of the fiction books.
Language to learn English
Words to learn 3000
Period 12 months
Price 540 RUB
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